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How to "Fashion" Yourself with stylish Clothing?

Posted on 2017-07-10

People are living in a community world. Face to face get-together is a must. Interactions are not only by voice speaking, but also attires speaking. When you are in difficulty how to start a topic to talk with your friends, you would better first imagine of what to wear to concentrate the meeting. Don't you know how to style yourself?

Expensive costume would not assurance anything for you. What will work for you are the appropriate clothes and the way you wear clothes. The trendiest fashion is the fashion not following the existing trend. When you are not stepping after the trend style, you are creating a fashion. Your personal fashion shows your special character. When you are confident, most chosen costume can be fashionable and appropriate for you.

Here are some: How to "fashion" yourself with stylish clothing?

  1. Don't use strong perfume when you go for party
    -Keep in mind someone may not like to smell your perfume.
  2. For men, fix to black socks with black shoes when carrying dark colour suits 
    -The black socks and shoes leads to the best cause to the most of the prototyped or dark colour suits.
  3. Keep in mind to iron clothes 
    -It can demonstrate the correct forms of your chosen clothes and give a tidy image.
  4. If no suitable size is existing, remember longer is better than shorter 
    -Most people these days agree to larger size more than smaller.
  5. Not More than four colors on your body 
    -Lots of colors will mystify the main color of your clothes.
  6. Some accessories like bracelet, ankelt , mala and cufflinks etc. are crucial 
    -It depends on the manner of your clothes. Sometimes, accessories can be the main part of your fashion that day.
  7. Shoes have to be polished whenever possible 
    -People choose their shoes because they see that polished and nice looking shoes in the shop. However, when they wear, they not remember to recover this gorgeous original image for the shoes.
  8. Hair has to be shipshape all the time 
    -It is well again if you can have a hair style. Otherwise, clean and shipshape hair is basically needed to match your clean clothes.
  9. Monocle can be a fashion 
    -Monocle is one of the fashion accessories. Sometimes you can still wear goggles even you are not short-range or stop using your contact lens for a while to change your image.
  10. Poor figure is not a matter 
    -Always remember figure is not the most significant factor for trendy clothing, but your pick of fashion.