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Wedding Saree (How to Choose a Good Wedding Saree)

Posted on 2017-06-01

Wedding is an important day in any girl’s life and it is equally imperative to pick the right wedding saree to look your best that day. Instead of buying a saree randomly in the eleventh hour, it is wise to plan your purchase well in advance to prevent hassles. Before you shop for a saree, remember to choose one that is elegant, comfortable, and suits your body type. If you are looking to buy a saree for wedding, here are some important tips that would surely come handy:


  1. Check the Fabric: When you are buying a saree, make sure you go for a fabric that is in fashion and looks good on you. While silk usually is the first choice for bridal sarees, it may make you look a bit plump. So, if you are on the healthier side you can go for lightweight, soft and flowing fabrics such as crepe, georgette or chiffon. They are easy to manage and will also make you look slimmer and taller.


  1. Choose a Colour that Suits your Skin Tone: Although most Indian women prefer shades of pink or red for their wedding saree, there are other lovely colours too that can enhance your overall appearance. For instance, you can check out shades of yellow, green and maroon to see if they suit your skin tone. Avoid black, grey and dark blue for bridal wear as they may add dullness and darkness to your face.


  1. Pay Extra Attention to Design: Design is another important factor you should consider when buying a saree for wedding. Although heavy embellishments, sequins and embroidery lend a rich look to a six yard drape, yet you may find it difficult to manage a heavy saree after a couple of hours. Lightweight embellishments and delicate patterns look pretty and are easier to manage for long hours.


  1. Saree Border: If you are keen on buying a saree with border, pick one that would suit your body type. If you are short and a bit on the heavier side then go for a saree with a thin border. Thick borders will not only add weight to the saree but also make you look shorter and bulkier.


  1. Blouse Colour and Design: Blouse is an integral part of a saree and if it is one with a good colour, pattern and design, it will only accentuate the beauty of your saree. While most sarees come with matching blouses, you can also opt for a contrasting colour. Not to forget, blouses can have heavy stone work, sequins and other embellishments too, so if you want to look thinner go for one with less embroidery and work.


Whether you plan to buy wedding saree online or from a store, keep the above mentioned points in mind when you are checking their wedding saree collection to makes a good purchase. Pair the saree with matching accessories, bag and sandals to look your best on the D-day.